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Are you the next ?

You want as Morgan & Manola last year show your talent and win one of the most prestigious Bachata competition ?

The « Paris Bachata Festival Contest » will be back this year !

Here are the main rules :

  1. All candidates will send a démo vidéo at the following address : before 08/31/2019*. The better couples will be selected. A 30€ participation per couple will be required (unless the two participants are already owners of a Full Pass).
  2. During the Friday 11/22/2019 Party, all couples selected will present a choreography on stage one after the other on a song of their choice (3min30 max.) This choreography must respect the following criteria : 80% floorwork with at least 30% of traditional Bachata (also called « Dominican Bachata ») and 20 % of stylistic Bachata and or Acrobatics Bachata. They will be rated by the jury consisted of the Paris Bachata Festival 2019's artists. The 3 couples with the highest score will get qualified for the final.
  3. One after the other, the 3 couples will do an improvised dance on one song drawn at random from 3. The couple with the highest score will be the winner of the « Paris Bachata Festival 2019 Contest ».

The prizes :

* To avoid attachement files limitations, we recommend to send us your files via